Russia: UN Human Rights Committee postpones country review

Geneva, 3 March, 2022.- The UN Human Rights Committee expressed regret that the Russian Federation delegation could not travel to Geneva to participate in the Committee’s country review, which was scheduled for today and tomorrow.

The Committee was due to meet the Russian delegation in its current session to examine how the State party was implementing the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The Committee expected to discuss a list of issues with a team of 30 Russian delegates in a public dialogue: possible discussion topics included involvement in armed conflict situations, as well as harassment and violence against lawyers, journalists, human rights defenders and opposition politicians.

In view of Russia’s continuing military intervention in Ukraine, the Federal Government of Switzerland on Monday adopted a package of sanctions, including the closure of airspace to all flights from Russia and all aircrafts bearing Russian markings, with immediate effect.

“The Human Rights Committee expresses its extreme concern at the ongoing military invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation conducted in breach of the fundamental principles of the United Nations, including the prohibition of the threat or use of force,” it said in a statement.

The Committee urged Russia “to take all measures necessary to comply with its obligations, in particular with the right to life, the supreme right from which no derogation is permitted, even in situations of armed conflict.”

The Committee said it expects Russia to come before it for the review at the next session in July 2022.

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