Geneva, January 28, 2022.-UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Friday urged the international community to intensify pressure on the military to stop its campaign of violence against the people of Myanmar and to insist on the prompt restoration of civilian rule. “One year after the military seizedContinuar Leyendo

Geneva, JAN 27, 2022.- Today we commemorate the victims of the Holocaust, a crime of shocking inhumanity that brutally murdered six million Jews, as well as Roma and Sinti people, Slavs, people with disabilities, LGBT people, prisoners of war and members of anti-Nazi networks from all over Europe. The UNContinuar Leyendo

Geneva, January 21, 2022.- UN human rights experts* today raised serious concerns about the alleged forced labour of a group of approximately 400 Vietnamese migrant workers, who are reported to be victims of trafficking in Serbia. According to information received, eight companies, including Vietnamese labour recruitment agencies and Chinese constructionContinuar Leyendo

Geneva, January 17, 2022.- Taliban leaders in Afghanistan are institutionalizing large scale and systematic gender-based discrimination and violence against women and girls, a group of UN human rights experts* said today. The experts reiterated their alarm expressed since August 2021 at a series of restrictive measures that have been introducedContinuar Leyendo

Geneva, January 11, 2022.- UN human rights experts* today called on the Kazakhstan authorities and security forces to halt their unrestrained use of force, including lethal force, against protesters and ensure that an independent and human-rights based investigations of State use of force against protesters is undertaken. The experts saidContinuar Leyendo