Cultural Rights: UN expert on cultural rights to visit Germany

Geneva, 28 November, 2022.- The UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights, Alexandra Xanthaki, will make an official visit to Germany from today, 28 November, to 9 December.

Xanthaki will examine the right of all to participate in the cultural life of their choice and to freely express a diversity of world visions, values and ways of life. In particular, she will focus on opportunities and challenges face by LGBT+ persons, as well as those with a migration background, including asylum-seekers and refugees, to fully contribute to cultural life.

“My visit aims to learn about and evaluate the policies and measures taken by the German authorities to respect and protect the expression of diversity and encourage inclusion and hospitality,” the expert said. “This also includes looking into what is said about past migrations and the narrative that is told about what persons of different origins have contributed to what the country is today.”

The Special Rapporteur will meet with officials from governmental institutions at the federal, state and local level, the German Institute for Human Rights, civil society, academics and cultural professionals. Her visit will include Berlin, Cologne and Leipzig.

The expert will present her preliminary findings and recommendations at a news conference on Friday 9 December at 12:30 am at the Maritim ProArte Hotel, Berlin. Access will be strictly limited to journalists.

The final report on the Special Rapporteur’s visit will be presented to the Human Rights Council in March 2024.

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