Alemania registró nuevos máximos de incidencia y contagios en toda la pandemia con el avance de la variante ómicron, que en la primera semana de enero representaba ya el 73 por ciento de los casos. Berlín, 14 de Enero de 2022.- La variante ómicron arrasa en Alemania, donde ya representa elContinuar Leyendo

Brussels, August 30, 201.- Following a review under the recommendation on the gradual lifting of the temporary restrictions on non-essential travel into the EU, the Council updated the list of countries, special administrative regions and other entities and territorial authorities for which travel restrictions should be lifted. In particular, Israel,Continuar Leyendo

Brussels, August 09, 2021.- The European Union condemns in the strongest terms the unlawful attack committed on the merchant vessel Mercer Street, off Masirah Island in Oman, on 29 July. There is no justification for this attack which killed a Romanian as well as a British citizen. We offer ourContinuar Leyendo

Brussels, Auust 08, 2021.- On the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, we celebrate the resilience and resourcefulness of indigenous peoples around the world. This year, we join the United Nations in the call for a new social contract, where no one is left behind. The response to theContinuar Leyendo

Geneva, August, 08, 2021.- On 9 August 2020, the people of Belarus saw their hopes to elect a legitimate leader of the country brutally dashed. Since then, the people of Belarus have continuously and bravely stood up for the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms. They have called forContinuar Leyendo