Defense: Official describes DOD’s efforts to bolster Ukraine’s defense

Washington, October 31, 2022.- Today, the Defense Department announced the authorization of a security assistance package for Ukraine valued at up to $275 million.

Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh said the package included:

Delivery of eight National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems most likely next month, with training on the system currently underway.
Additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems.
500 precision-guided 155 mm artillery rounds.
2,000 155 mm rounds of remote anti-armor mine systems.
Over 1,300 anti-armor systems, including AT4 anti-tank weapons and shoulder-launched multipurpose assault weapons.
125 Humvees.
Small arms with more than 2.75 million rounds.
Four satellite communications antennas to augment Ukraine’s communications capabilities, which include Starlink.
Allies and partners are also providing security assistance to Ukraine, she said. Spain will be delivering HAWK surface-to-air missiles, and Germany will be delivering IRIS-T air defense systems.

«We’re extremely pleased that our partners and allies have been donating these systems to Ukraine,» she added.

In other news, Singh announced that on Oct. 31, U.S. Army Pacific will activate its first Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center in Hawaii.

It’s the first combat training center established by the Army in over 50 years and the first combat training center for the Indo-Pacific region.

The first rotation will include several thousand troops from all U.S. military services, including the Coast Guard, as well as participants from Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, she said.

«JPMRC increases combined training opportunities for regional allies and partners and produces significant cost savings, versus moving personnel and equipment to continental U.S. training facilities,» she said.

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