Defense: Additional Defensive Weapons to be shipped to Ukraine, says official

Washington, August 19, 2022.- A major presidential drawdown authority security assistance package is about to be unveiled, said a senior Defense Department official who briefed the Pentagon media today.

This PDA is valued at up to $775 million, the official said, noting that a $1 billion security assistance package was also just released on Aug. 8.

The official summarized what’s in this current PDA:

Additional ammunition for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, known as HIMARS.

​16 105 mm howitzers, along with 36,000 rounds for the artillery.

The United Kingdom has supplied 105 mm howitzers to Ukraine in the past.

​15 ScanEagle unmanned aerial systems for reconnaissance.

Mine clearing systems, including 40 MaxxPro Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles with mine rollers that will allow Ukraine to neutralize areas heavily mined by Russia in the south and east.

Additional high-speed, anti-radiation missiles, known as HARM missiles, for integration into Ukrainian aircraft to seek and destroy Russian radars.

1,500 tube-launched, optically tracked, wire guided anti-tank missiles, known as TOWs.

1,000 Javelin anti-armor systems.

2,000 anti-armor rounds to be used in existing anti-armor systems, many of which have already been provided by allies and partners such as the Carl Gustaf weapon developed by Sweden.

Other security assistance includes 50 Humvees, tactical secure communication systems, demolition munitions, night vision devices, thermal imagery systems, optics and laser rangefinders.

«Right now, I would say that you are seeing a complete and total lack of progress by the Russians on the battlefield,» the official said, adding that Ukrainian forces are employing Javelins and HIMARS in very effective ways.

Since 2014, more than $12.6 billion has been provided to Ukraine in security assistance.

«This isn’t the end. We will continue to consult with the Ukrainians to make sure that we are providing them what they need, when they need it,» the official said.

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