Washington, July 28, 2021.- Discipline and Professionalism. Members of the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon have been exemplifying such behavior since 1949 with unique performances and calculated drill movements. The members of the 24-man rifle platoon are individually interviewed and selected from infantry schools at Camp Pendleton, California and CampContinuar Leyendo

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III arrived in Singapore today — the first trip by a cabinet-level official in the Biden administration to the crucial region. Washington, July 26, 2021.- This is the secretary’s second trip to the Indo-Pacific region and shows the importance the administration places on the »priorityContinuar Leyendo

The Defense Department’s information technology capacity provides intelligence information to leaders and warfighters to give them a decision-making advantage. Washington, July 23, 2021.-  The legacy systems that provide that capacity, however, must be modernized to ensure the United States doesn’t fall behind its competitors, said the deputy chief information officerContinuar Leyendo