Daniel Charlebois and an early-career international research team have been granted US$1.2 million from the Human Frontiers Science Program to seek to answer the question “How predictable is evolution?” Charlebois, along with Michael Manhart from Rutgers University and Meike Wortel from the University of Amsterdam, will examine the development ofContinuar Leyendo

Ythaca, May 06, 2024.- Applying a pretreatment of a parathyroid hormone, commonly used to increase bone mass to combat osteoporosis, can help improve cartilage health and slow the development of osteoarthritis, Cornell researchers have found. The team, led by Marjolein van der Meulen, the James M. and Marsha McCormick DirectorContinuar Leyendo

Machines can learn not only to make predictions, but to handle causal relationships. An international research team shows how this could make medical treatments safer, more efficient, and more personalised. Cambrigde, April 28, 2024.- Artificial intelligence techniques can be helpful for multiple medical applications, such as radiology or oncology, whereContinuar Leyendo

New York, April 26, 2024.- Researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine have developed a powerful new technique to generate “movies” of changing protein structures at speeds of up to 50 frames per second. Senior author Simon Scheuring, the Distinguished Professor of Anesthesiology Research at Weill Cornell Medicine, and colleagues developed theContinuar Leyendo

University of Arizona researchers have developed chemical probes that modify proteins in mosquito larvae gut, hindering their food digestion and growth. Tucson, March 21, 2024.- Mosquito-borne illnesses remain a formidable challenge threatening millions of people each year with diseases such as malaria, dengue, zika and chikungunya. To develop a mosquitoContinuar Leyendo

A study by a scientific team from the University of Vienna and the MedUni Vienna, recently published in the top-class journal Cellular & Molecular Immunology, has a promising result from tumor research: The enzyme phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase (PHDGH) acts as a metabolic checkpoint in the function of tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) andContinuar Leyendo

Long-term followup study reveals “tremendous survival advantage” of combining biventricular pacemakers with simpler implantable cardioverter-defibrillators for eligible heart failure patients. Alberta, Feb 27, 2024.- Recently published research in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals the power of cardiac-resynchronization pacing in addition to an implantable defibrillator to save lives in patientsContinuar Leyendo

Ithaca, 22 Feb, 2024.- Although it is one of the oldest medications used to treat patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and an effective treatment for an associated arthritis condition called spondyloarthritis (SpA), sulfasalazine’s mechanism of action has been unclear. Now researchers at the Jill Roberts Center for IBD andContinuar Leyendo

Earlier research showed the association between the use of oral contraception containing a synthetic form of progesterone (progestogen) and an increased risk of suicidal behaviour for women with a depression and suicidal ideations. Researchers at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience have now discovered the mechanism underlying this process. “We hopeContinuar Leyendo