Defense: Puget Sound Energy and NUWC Division, keyport partner to save energy

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) presented a check for $634,877 to the Navy Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division, Keyport May 7 as financial incentive for the LED Lighting Upgrade Project performed in 2018 and 2019.

Keyport, Washington, May 09, 2019.- LED Lighting Upgrade Project is the 13th project in which NUWC Division, Keyport has partnered with PSE since 1997 as part of the utility provider’s Energy Efficiency Program. According to PSE, the goal of their Energy Efficiency Program is to encourage customers to adopt energy efficient technologies/products and behaviors by providing information and incentives that will conserve electrical and natural gas energy.

Jeff Petersen, a member of PSE Energy Efficiency Program Team involved in this and other previous projects, stated, “NUWC Division, Keyport has a long history of outstanding resource stewardship. As an energy and contractor partner, PSE is looking forward to continuing a long and productive relationship to help Naval Undersea Warfare Center achieve its mission and resiliency goals.”

Lee Linton, NUWC Division, Keyport’s Energy and Utilities Manager, indicated the PSE Energy Efficiency Program has helped NUWC Division Keyport increase energy conservation in many ways over the years. The current financial incentive will cover almost half the costs of the LED lighting upgrade project. The project was developed to reduce base energy consumption and provide better quality indoor lighting while reducing maintenance requirements. The project involved replacing over 32,000 fluorescent lamps and 15,000 ballasts in 65 buildings base-wide at an estimated annual savings of over $164,000.

Linton stated, “NUWC Division, Keyport is delighted to have had this opportunity to partner with Puget Sound Energy on the base-wide LED Lighting Upgrade project. This project ended up being a win, win, win for Keyport. The first win was the tremendous reduction in energy, and therefore utility dollar savings, the lighting upgrade afforded. The second win was the improvement in lighting we saw throughout the base. This was particularly true in the shop areas where the improvement in both lighting levels and quality was literally like night and day. The final win was the large financial incentive provided by PSE which made this any excellent project with a short payback. Our many thanks to PSE and their contractor, NW Edison, for a well-orchestrated and highly valued lighting upgrade,”

The presentation of the check did not mark the end of the partnership, but rather the continuation of an effort that has shown great benefits for PSE, NUWC Division, Keyport and the NW region.

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